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RIC/AFT Leadership

RIC/AFT Officers:

President: Erik Christiansen (History)

Vice President: Mikaila Lemonik Arthur (Sociology)

Secretary: Jessica Pearson (Music, Theatre and Dance)

Treasurer: Sean Cote (Accounting and CIS)

RIC/AFT Executive Committee

Karl Benziger (History)

Mikaila Lemonik Arthur (Sociology)

Thomas Schmeling (Political Science)

Alison Shonkwiler (English)

Rebecca Sparks (Math/CS)

Vince Bohlinger (Film Studies)

Jayson Spas (Psychology)  Ex Officio, Chair of Assembly

Committee Chairs:


Grievance Committee: Carse Ramos

Evaluation Committee: Desiree Ciambrone

Facilities Committee: Kieran Ayton (Facilites Submission Form)

Nominations Committee: Amy Barlow

Human Rights Committee:  

Election Committee: Greg Golden

Member Engagement: Karl Benziger

COPE: Vince Bohlinger

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