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Empowering the Faculty of Rhode Island College since 1967.

The RIC/AFT Objectives

This Chapter, as a professional organization, unites members of the Rhode Island College faculty in a federation for mutual assistance in order to:

  • Promote and protect an atmosphere and structure of academic freedom for faculty and students in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and in the acquisition and dissemination of skills.

  • Provide the best possible conditions for teaching and research. These conditions include workloads, salaries, fringe benefits, and other relevant advantages.

  • Provide and guarantee appropriate job security for faculty.

  • Provide and guarantee protection against arbitrary actions, and ensure due process in case of grievances.

  • Promote maximum faculty participation in decision-making.

  • Promote the excellence of Rhode Island College and its service to society.

  • Promote the interests of the faculty, the teaching profession, and higher education in general.

  • Embody these objectives in a workable Agreement with the Board of Governors for Higher Education in Rhode Island.


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